Planning an Event with Custom Event Decor

Peach City Customs has unlimited options to plan your event! We also provide 360 booth backdrops, step and repeats, banners, bar wraps, foam board signs and more! 


Custom Event Decor

Planning an Event with Custom Event Decor

Let's face it, planning an event can be stressful! There is a lot of components that go into event planning, venue, catering, decor, guest list and more. Peach City Customs can help relieve some of that stress with over different event graphics and decor actions. 

The first step in creating a visually appealing event is having the perfect design! You can work closely with a graphic design or event designer to create a beautiful monogram or logo for the event. If you want to take it a step further you can have beautiful photos taken of the honorees like the birthday girl or bride and groom to be.

Some ideas to display the logo or monogram is a floor wrap for the dance floor. The floor wrap is usually the centerpiece of the event. I have also seen clients use the floor wrap as the center focal points for the treats table as well. When using a floor wrap you want to make sure you are sending the print company high quality file. 

Standees and arch boards are also a great addition to an event. Arch boards and standees can be designed or you can simply use high quality photos of the honorees. Our standees and arch boards also look great with balloons or florals added to it for an extra pop! 

If you are planning a kids party, character cut-outs are great! We can create any character up to 7 feet tall. The kids love seeing their favorite character at birthdays parties and its also a fun keepsake for the birthday girl or boy. 

Some other items that are great for events are removable decals and wall wraps. our decals and wall wraps are great for just a blank walls that you want to add a little extra razzle dazzle to the event.

Peach City Customs has unlimited options to plan your event! We also provide 360 booth backdrops, step and repeats, banners, bar wraps, foam board signs and more! 



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